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I’m not a blogger…

Just a chick with a Blog!

So, I have a Blog. I’ve had this blog for over a year now. But I haven’t used it much. I’ve decided to do a 7-day blogging challenge to get myself in the swing of things. I’m definitely not a blogger! But I do have things to say. So this is how I would introduce myself.

As I write this, I’m a mother of two who works with full-time job. I am a doctoral candidate at Grand Canyon University, where I’m getting my PhD in Psychology. I am also a certified life coach and a minister and a Baptist Church. I am an insomniac and a wild child at heart. You’ll see both of those come into play as we journey through the next 7 days. I also love to craft. I haven’t really decided what direction I will take this blog. But I hope that it will give you a glimpse into me. My life, my style, and how I do all that I do. 
Minister Quiana Hall of New Mount Pleasant MBC
I’m not a blogger. I’m a chick who will use a block to say the things that she’s needs to say. What should you expect? Well, definitely a lot of typos and misspelled words (LOL). There are also be a lot of shenanigans and Foolery. For the next 7 days, I will allow you to get to know me a little better and we’ll have lots of fun. I will display some of my craft and sewing projects and anything else I can think of. Hopefully you’ll see some of the things I make in the online store here as time goes on. 

That being said... Welcome to my world!

Blog Challenge
Day 1

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