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My Five Senses Right Now

Sight: I'm currently in my office as I use voice to text to type this blog. What I see is my computer, video camera screen, supplies and the other things inside my office. I work inside my church. So I also have a few of the outside of the sanctuary and a little window that displays trees that line the street of Inglewood

Hearing: my church also has a school on campus. So I hear the sounds of kids playing and teachers teaching. We're also very close to a main street as I type this I hear the sounds of sirens. The police are quickly headed somewhere! This is pretty normal around here though.

Taste: I taste coffee. I have a cup of coffee every morning as I sit at my desk and listen to voicemails and return emails. Right now I taste the wonderous taste of coffee. I do consider caffeine a gift from God! LOL and I enjoyed regularly.

Smell: I smell the Glorious fragrance of freshly brewed coffee. I also smell the aroma of my air freshener. My office smells really good because I have air fresheners delivered every other week. I've gotten pretty spoiled with those. I had an amazing Cintas delivery guy, who was a real hottie LOL, who made sure I had a fresh-smelling office consistently. He was eventually promoted, no longer works with me. But when he left, he ensured that every delivery guy after him will continue to deliver my services and spoil me with fragrance.

Touch: I am currently touching my phone! LOL I am writing this as I sit in my office holding my phone as I use voice to text. It's also really cold and my hair is wet so I feel like a little wet puppy.

Pics of me and my babies making silly faces at Youth Church on Sunday.

Bonus Video:

The other day I did a blog about my greatest fears. As a result of that blog, I manifested one of my greatest fears. Here's a little video where I talk about what happened. I decided to also take this time to work on my video talking skills. All things get better with time, right? So here goes nothing! 

Here's a pic of the Butterfly chilling on  the wall in my office.

Blog Challenge
Day 6

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