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What am I afraid of?

So... I'll this in two parts. First my tangible real-world fears and the my intangible real life fears.
I am pretty much afraid of all bugs, snake and lizard like creatures. I don't like them. Don't want to see them. I dang'on sure will not touch them. I have had full on panic attacks in the presence of these creatures. I get their purpose and all... But I think life would be much better without them.

Then there's my intangible fears. Ironically, I have both fear of failure and a fear of success. Not sure how I develop the fear of failure. I think it's pretty common and natural for many of us and strive to do great things to have this fear of failure. My fear of success is rooted in the fear of failure. What happens once I'm successful? How do I maintain it? What if I become successful... Only to fail horribly publicly?
I have allowed these two fears to hold stagnant for way too long. Part of why I'm doing this 31 day blog challenge is to get myself out of the box and begin the process removing fears and making success a habit. Practice makes perfect right?
Little by little, I'm taking the steps to remove these two fears from my life. Those tangible fears up top can stay. I'm not tripping off of those! LOL
But this fear of failure and fear of success I've got to go. I've got things to do. And these two jokers are in my way!

I know it won't be easy. And I know it won't happen overnight. But change soon come!
Taking a break from my studies
 this evening to post selfies and blog!

Blog Challenge
Day 4

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