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Plan to Maximize 2019!

When people find out all of the things that I do (being a single mom,working a nine-to-five having a successful business, getting my Ph.D), they often asked how I get it all done. One of the keys to my success is planning. Many years ago my Life Coach, Stephanie Alva, said something in one of my sessions that stuck with me. She said "If it isn’t on your calendar, it won’t happen." This became true for me for not just scheduling events, but also setting goals, and manifesting. My motto has become "Write it down and make it happen."

I recently did a video where I showed you my favorite planner, the Passion Planner, and how I will be planning my 2019. 

There are tons of planners, calendars and journals out there. If you are interested in printing or purchasing your own , click the link to receive 10% off coupon to use toward your first purchase of $30 or more.  Also, the Hustle cover is still available through Amazon. You can also get the paper punch and expander disks through Amazon.com
Danielle LePorte, author of Desire Map, also offers a Desire Map Planner with awesome soul searching prompt is designed to help you plan your day with more intention and soul. My friend, Melissa Vernon of Marketing with Mel, uses the Momentum Planner. It allows you to break goals up into daily, weekly, quarterly, and monthly action items

Maximizing 2019 begins with establishing a plan for the year. Figure out which planner, calendar or journal method works best for you and begin planning your success.   

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